Bye bye Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday everyone!

Hope you’re all well and don’t have too many shopping mania related injuries (!).  I think we’re all a little bit over the elbows out, heads down, grab it before it’s gone thing to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like a half price Kenwood mixer as much as the next person, but I’m not willing to queue for hours in the cold, or sit for hours clicking Refresh, to get it.

No, shopping should be fun as well as functional – especially at Christmas. We spend enough of our lives frantically running around, meeting deadlines, chasing goals and meeting expectations. Christmas shopping should be about buying your loved ones gifts which they’ll treasure – and more importantly which didn’t give you a hernia to buy.

So excuse the shameless plug, but our shop, Rockpool Trading, will be open for relaxed browsing and friendly chat all day today, as well as most other days in the run up to Christmas (Wednesday – Sunday). You can also find us in the Plymouth Craft and Food market (until 6th Dec) and at various fairs in our adopted city, Edinburgh (tonight, from 6.30pm and 9pm we’re at St Thomas’ Church, Glasgow Road). So enjoy the ride folks, and let’s all try and get 25th December in one piece…

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