El Blog Espanol

Hola Amigos! Como Esta?

Ummm… una cerveza por favour?

OK, embarrassingly that’s all the Spanish I know. In case it wasn’t already clear, the RT team waved goodbye to the rain and gloom of the UK last week and made for the sunshine and sandy beaches of the South of Spain. (Because it obviously poured with rain the whole time we were away DIDN’T IT???).

And whilst I was sipping Sangria by the pool, watching mini-RT paddle round in a rubber ring, it occurred to me that, obvious stuff like language, weather, and the price of beer aside, the South of England and the South of Spain aren’t so different. Beaches? Yep, we’ve got a few of them. Stunning scenery – si, in abundance. Lovely people – definitely. Laid back attitude? Well they have Manana and we have ‘Dreckly – pretty much the same thing when push comes to shove…

And of course, there’s always the beautiful, locally handcrafted items.  Here’s Mrs RT indulging in a little local shopping (and yes, I did check, they were all “Handmade in Spain”).



Still – you’ll never find us upping sticks and joining the Ex-Pats community in the Costa Del Sol. The weather may be great, the booze may be cheap and the locals may be friendly (and tolerant of our basterdisation of their mother tongue), but we’re with Dorothy on this one – there’s no place like home.

Oooops – There Goes May

Oh my God I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. That is disgraceful! Rest assured I feel suitably ashamed… And on a completely unrelated note, the RT team are off on hols to Spain soon, so next week’s entry might be affected as well… Normal service will resume shortly, I promise.

Anyway – aside from my poor blogging over the last month, life in Rockpool Trading-land has been pretty swell. The news in brief is as follows…

New lines have been added to the website, the sun has been (mostly) shining (aside from the odd clap of thunder), have attended fairs in Devon & Cornwall and had a lovely time nattering to lovely people, attempted (and failed) to find a dog groomer to sort out our walking bush of a labradoodle, continued the ongoing quest to teach myself to crochet, carried out more research new suppliers who might join our happy RT family, realised mini-RT can now turn the gas hob on, banished mini-RT from the kitchen until he’s 10 and old enough to make Mummy breakfast in bed on her birthday, successfully got tickets for MTV Crashes Plymouth, watched in horror as some Polish lass in the in the Eurovision Song Contest did something unspeakable with a butter urn, got mini-RT his first mini-passport for his upcoming travels, went to the cinema twice in one month and felt momentarily young and extravagant, voted (and then ranted at anyone who would listen about the results), and had a mini-pedicure.

All in all, May has gone off without a hitch.

Finally, had a quick semi-business, semi-pleasure trip to Liskeard last weekend, and Mr RT was highly amused by a sign he saw in the window of the local Boots. Only in Cornwall people, only in Cornwall…