An Englishman, an Irishman and a Cornishman…

OK, so this week has actually seen quite a momentic (word? Possibly not) change in our rather little but rather marvellous corner of the world. The fair residents of Cornwall (including at least 6 of our lovely suppliers) woke up on 24th April to the news that they have now been granted official minority status, bestowed on it, via several committees and frameworks, by Europe. Hoorah! The Cornish can now officially refer to themselves as Cornish. I’m sure they would have done this without some committee telling them they can, but still, anything which recognises and celebrates Cornwall’s unique position among other UK regions in terms of language, history, culture and character can only be a good thing.

So congratulations Kernow! You truly are unique and minoritnous. (Non-word number 2), and we loves ya for it.

And that’s not all – there’s also exciting news Eastside this month; the South West is now connected to the mainland again! Yep, that’s right, rather unexpectedly, the train line at Dawlish was actually finished ahead of schedule (Rio Olympics committee, take note) so west of Exeter is now not completely inaccessible to everyone without a car and/or private jet. And on a personal note – hoo-bloody-rah! No more replacement coach services, no more standing on the platform at Tiverton waiting to get on a train to take me the last 10 minutes of my 2 hour journey to Taunton and (sadly) no more free drinks vouchers as compensation for the whole ballache.

But seriously, it’s fantastic news for all those local businesses who risked losing oodles of income due to reduced tourist numbers. So well done to Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Bob, Wendy and whoever else was responsible (that’s one for the parents); perhaps now we need to address the bigger problem of making the South West more accessible and not entirely dependent on one solitary rail line in and out of the region for the future. After all – we’ve got a protected minority down ‘ere now. We’ve gotta look after them.



Bank holiday babbling

Easter Monday, and this evening’s post is delivered from my sofa, where I’m scoffing the last of the Easter egg haul, finishing off the open bottle(s) of wine from the bank holiday weekend, and waiting to find out who killed Lucy Beale. (Although I suspect they’ll keep us dangling for a few months yet, little scamps…).

Super excited to be back on the craft fair scene over the last couple of weekends. (We kick-started in style with the Diverse Events Easter Fair in Saltash, and then had a fab time at the Producer’s Fair at Crocadon Sawmill the following week). I was a little rusty, and had forgotten how tiring it is running a stall all day, but I’ve loved being back in the world of the 3D people. I also forgot how much of a boost it is nattering to other small business owners – it’s easy to think you’re the only one doing this when you’re sat in your little box staring at a screen for 18 hours a day, but then you sit in a hall or a marquee with loads of like minded people and you realise that however hard you’re finding it or however big of a hash you feel you’re making trying to start a business from scratch, you’re not alone – there a lots of kindred spirits crashing their way through the process as well, and in the end we’re all just trying to do our best in an incredibly difficult market. To quote Winnie the Pooh, it’s so much friendlier with two. And therefore it’s infinitely friendlier with 22…

Anyway, the first fairs are done, several gorgeous handmade items have found a new home in exchange for some lovely spondoonies for Rockpool and loads of new crafty pals have been made. Throw in a few Easter eggs, and so far April’s been pretty sweet.


Raisins at 30000 feet

This entry comes with a big BIG dollop of sorryness. I dearly wanted to be vigilant with my blogging when I started Rockhoppers, and I guess getting 5 months in and writing pretty much every week isn’t bad. But unfortunately life went bonkers 2 weeks ago and blogging went to the back of my head, and here’s why…

(NB – for the record, these aren’t excuses, but explanations…Honest…)

Firstly, we took our 1 year old for a long weekend in Scotland. (Random, but true). Recommendation for any other crazy parents contemplating the insane endeavour of taking a wriggling 1 year old on a plane? Raisins. And enough of ’em to sink a battle ship. Our little one was so busy scoffing, he didn’t have time to worry about the fact he was 30000 up in the air in a very confined space. (However, a word of caution; what goes in , must come out…).



After the heady heights of the spontaneous weekend away, we were then thrown into dealing with said child getting chicken pox. Or some other nasty, blister forming disease – not quite sure what it is, but whatever it turns out to be, it’s looks angry. A tad unfortunate that we unwittingly took the incubating bug up to Edinburgh, not only potentially infecting our hosts but also all the other passengers on the plane; but hey ho – share and share alike I say. (Hope this little indiscretion doesn’t prove to be some pivotal turning point in the Scottish independence question?!).

And now the final explanation; whilst dealing with a pickled littl’un, we’ve been getting all geared up for the beginning of the craft fair season! (Woohoo! Bring it ON!). It’s time to shake out our tablecloths, brush off our shelving units and get on the road to craft fair giddiness. We already have 6 fairs booked in for the next few months, and frankly, we can’t wait. I love our online business, and it genuinely gives me so much pleasure selling Devon & Cornwall’s finest designs to customers all over the planet, but nothing replaces nattering to people about the items in person. So first up with at Diverse Events Easter Show in Saltash, Cornwall on 12th April.

So come along and see us sometime in 2014 – we love seeing you lot.

(PS – We promise we’re pox free).